The Tea (ft. Alli Fitz) - Official Music Video

1 juuni 2019
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This is really lit sis, and that's the tea.
Alli Fitz
Video Production: PattyCake Productions
Chyna Staggs
Cassandra Ariel Heinrich
Alexa Coelho
Brittany Dobbs Neff
Chris Ross
Michael Cerasoli
Clay DeHart
Daniel Martinez
Melanie Vanderford
Joey D’Angelo-Lajoie
Grip: Matt Hogan
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  • this has literally nothing to do with it but phones are just computers but pocket edition

    Cecilia RiveraCecilia Rivera11 tundi tagasi
  • is it sad i unironically like this

    Charles EnbomCharles Enbom16 tundi tagasi
  • dont u have a wife???

    r3xsy rayr3xsy rayPäev tagasi
  • English teachers are crying

    WartrixWartrixPäev tagasi
  • The first time I heard this, I didn't understand what the heck this was, had to look up some slang lol, I must be a boomer lol But now this song snatched my wig and it's really lit sis that's the T Eskettit

    GW gaming!GW gaming!Päev tagasi
  • This has to be the biggest ad for a wig I’ve ever seen

    j.fraser10j.fraser102 päeva tagasi
  • This has to be the biggest ad I’ve ever seen for a wig

    j.fraser10j.fraser102 päeva tagasi
  • The ending is like what the heck-

    Fire Fly GamingFire Fly Gaming2 päeva tagasi
  • as a filipino, i can comfirm that a shit ton of wigs has been shipped here from america

    Stephen QuetuaStephen Quetua2 päeva tagasi
  • Thanks, I hate it

    Commander KadeCommander Kade3 päeva tagasi
  • wAIt whAt hAppEnEd tO lAUrA? and yes i know i saw this late judgy

    McKinzey LynnMcKinzey Lynn3 päeva tagasi
  • No but she’s actually gorgeous.

    VarianVarian4 päeva tagasi
  • Laura be like: 👁💧👄💧👁

    Awkward JellyfishAwkward Jellyfish4 päeva tagasi
  • This is really lit

    ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ4 päeva tagasi
  • this songs got me dead cheif

    fR4Nk b3Rt3fR4Nk b3Rt34 päeva tagasi
  • hair cake vibes

    fR4Nk b3Rt3fR4Nk b3Rt34 päeva tagasi
  • That ain't even tea, it's water

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan4 päeva tagasi
  • *bald kurtis*

    Shoto Todoroki is hotShoto Todoroki is hot5 päeva tagasi
  • Why did we, as fans, ignore just how *iconic* this collab actually was?

    BLANKBLANK5 päeva tagasi
  • Thought this said Ari Fitz I'm on straight EEworld again 💀

    Kaiyla SabKaiyla Sab5 päeva tagasi
  • her voice is soo good

    Tamzid AnzumTamzid Anzum6 päeva tagasi
  • This sounds like “How do ya do fellow kids” Too good 😅

    GriffGaming28GriffGaming286 päeva tagasi
  • 🦁🐯🐱🐶🐺🐭🐨🐼

    Amelia SummersAmelia Summers6 päeva tagasi
    • I lave him

      Amelia SummersAmelia Summers6 päeva tagasi
  • when boomers try to relate with kids:

    adorkablesosadorkablesos7 päeva tagasi
    • yeah I know that's why I commented it

      adorkablesosadorkablesos6 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah that’s kinda the whole point

      jake sjake s6 päeva tagasi
  • the phrases are already outdated (despite it still being a great song)

    leopard 59leopard 598 päeva tagasi
  • ‘I’m not trying to be extra’ yeet

    Jo StewartJo Stewart9 päeva tagasi
  • I love that this video starts and your like ok this is kinda cringy but I follow then it just goes on about wigs like some random inside joke and the best part is no one in the comments is talking about the wigs!!

    Emily SmithEmily Smith9 päeva tagasi
  • drew and kurtis' cameos in this is the best lmao

    Samantha ChengSamantha Cheng9 päeva tagasi
  • Another song added to the pencil Sharpner

    Truely GREGTruely GREG9 päeva tagasi
  • ...was that drew and kurtis at 2:26?

    a box of pastaa box of pasta10 päeva tagasi
    • no its danny and his clone

      ImNotFunnyImNotFunny10 päeva tagasi
  • I unironically listen to this song way too much.

    Tay GTay G10 päeva tagasi
  • I used this video to teach my mom current* slang and she caught on pretty fast lol *Obviously, this lesson was given a year ago.

    Carson KayCarson Kay11 päeva tagasi
  • How much did this cost you?

    SörselssonSörselsson11 päeva tagasi
  • so much keratin in this vid

    ungeeky elliungeeky elli11 päeva tagasi
  • Yeet, oof, wig, weave, gang gang, flex, yee yee, drip - Ali Fitz 2019

    🐶Abi Samoshibe🐺🐶Abi Samoshibe🐺11 päeva tagasi
  • how. did they even film this? how did any of this get done with a straight face because I would have just been laughing the whole time? anyway lit song fam.

    Jami GiselJami Gisel11 päeva tagasi
  • Alli is a literal goddess

    AerynAeryn11 päeva tagasi
  • 1:36 I didn’t think they’d put in the easter egg of showing Danny as 2 different people.

    Vincent De La TerreVincent De La Terre12 päeva tagasi
  • I low key thought this was a serious music video until it started, no hate though, I loved it

    Headless Brix StudiosHeadless Brix Studios12 päeva tagasi
  • I know my wedding song

    Sara MatthewSara Matthew12 päeva tagasi
  • Detective Alli over here

    Jeweliana LukasikJeweliana Lukasik12 päeva tagasi
  • Not tryna be extra *yeet*

    kitkatninja 8789kitkatninja 878912 päeva tagasi
  • Why is he actually a good singer tho

    Grace ReidyGrace Reidy12 päeva tagasi
  • How 4th graders flirt:

    Axel WillamAxel Willam13 päeva tagasi
  • " i really ship this yasss " felt that

    klaus hargreevesklaus hargreeves13 päeva tagasi
  • We all used this slang a year ago and now we all cringe at ourselves

    malwine Loginamalwine Logina14 päeva tagasi
  • It's been a year. . . . .still waiting for that shipped snatched wig. . . .

    Simp_paiSimp_pai14 päeva tagasi
  • Moral of the story, putting braids in bald cap is bad idea.

    Robert MatthiasRobert Matthias14 päeva tagasi
  • Alright I'm all caught up now.

    SkeldrifSkeldrif14 päeva tagasi
  • 💅🏿

    Liam HoareLiam Hoare15 päeva tagasi
  • Every word in this song is so..... slang, gen z

    Gengar227Gengar22715 päeva tagasi

    Bookworm 2021Bookworm 202115 päeva tagasi
  • this video induces 400,000 points of psychic damage to anyone younger than 20

    Tabi Cat-In-A-BoxTabi Cat-In-A-Box15 päeva tagasi
  • If i knew how to edit songs i would fix this up and make this a real song

    cloud angelcloud angel15 päeva tagasi
  • Anybody notice Danny Gonzalez as a waiter at 0:16?

    3than4DaWin3than4DaWin15 päeva tagasi
  • This is a good song but I sounds a lot like bos songs?

    ughugh15 päeva tagasi
  • I’m sorry but bald Drew is extremely cursed

    PizzaFacePizzaFace16 päeva tagasi
  • What the fawk😀

    Va llVa ll16 päeva tagasi
  • Omg I just noticed that Kurtis and Drew are in this 😂

    Natalie HansenNatalie Hansen16 päeva tagasi
  • remember that this dude is married lmao

    シCh4kraシCh4kra17 päeva tagasi
  • im so incredibly confused😀

    gecko galgecko gal17 päeva tagasi
  • I'm glad the stuff like this is what is shaping my teenage years

    Black WillowBlack Willow17 päeva tagasi
  • I think I found my wedding song...

    Absolutely_notAbsolutely_not17 päeva tagasi
  • Omg looked at the date expecting 2017, 2019! Oh god

    Carly E.Carly E.17 päeva tagasi
  • this song is so underrated 🔥🔥🔥

    miranda fmiranda f17 päeva tagasi
  • Listening to his music out of context is like a journey from ultimate confusion to almost enlightenment

    immerdieserJosimmerdieserJos17 päeva tagasi
  • I'm the first comment in 3 months somehow, that's pretty cool

    Unlucky TieflingUnlucky Tiefling17 päeva tagasi
  • Alli Fitz should be replaced with drew

    BansheelolBansheelol17 päeva tagasi
    • nah, she's great - plus bald drew is A Moment

      miranda fmiranda f17 päeva tagasi
  • I both hate this and love it at the same time.

    MertMert17 päeva tagasi
  • Holy shit that's boomer as fuck

    Communist Hitler69Communist Hitler6917 päeva tagasi
  • Conspiracy: Danny is the hidden member of Big Time Rush who was hidden for is slang powers.

    Tara Is BoredTara Is Bored17 päeva tagasi

    Q.L.Q.L.17 päeva tagasi
  • Why have I only just seen this omg lmao

    Kalli XKalli X17 päeva tagasi
  • Kurtis and drew peeping in here and there

    Tessy :DTessy :D17 päeva tagasi
  • Ok so what the fuck is up with the wigs?

    T25Star DriverT25Star Driver17 päeva tagasi
  • Bald drew, kurtis, and danny are cursed

    Jessica SchneiderJessica Schneider17 päeva tagasi
  • That first line always gets me and from that point on I'm lost

    Axel MeysmansAxel Meysmans18 päeva tagasi
  • I think my favorite part of this is the Titanic Jack and Rose at the end of the boat thing

    Leah SLeah S18 päeva tagasi
  • Ok but the harmony on the word "tonight" is so fricking satisfying

    Sally BradshawSally Bradshaw18 päeva tagasi
  • Danny: yasss

    GweedapopalisGweedapopalis19 päeva tagasi
  • Boomers didn't understand a word

    Silky SharkSilky Shark19 päeva tagasi
  • Imma snatch your wig lunch

    Ava ThornellAva Thornell19 päeva tagasi
  • I am from the philliipines and yes, Danny's wig is still here.

    rgrblr1rgrblr119 päeva tagasi
  • Dang 2019 was a differnt era.

    Agbeyenu MadisonAgbeyenu Madison20 päeva tagasi
  • I just love how there all bald and eating there wigs

    Serenady VertreesSerenady Vertrees20 päeva tagasi
  • If historians want to know what 2019 was like leading up to the war, they can use this to learn our vernacular.

    Julia BenedictJulia Benedict21 päev tagasi
  • I live in the Philippines and I can ensure u we got your wig

    I am EshalI am Eshal21 päev tagasi
  • Lyrics: Verse 1: Danny When I first saw you, You caught my eye by the way you dabbed. To be honest, (Oh) You really slayed and you really snapped. Not tryna be extra, (Yeet) But girl, I'm so obsessed with the way you look. And I think your special. (yUh) You got me dead and you got me shook I wrote this song so you would know that I stan. (I stan) Tryna turn you from my bae to my fam. (My fam) Never really had a thing for locals, (Yeah) But lowkey I think that we're highkey goals. (Lowkey) Chorus: Danny I really ship this. (Yas) This is really it sis, ask the chief. You snatched my wig, sis. (Bye) My squad is fam and my bae is queen. My wigs be shipped, sis. (Woah) It's on its way to the Philippines. C'mere now, sip this. This is really lit sis, that's the tea. (This is really lit sis, that's the tea) Verse 2: Alli and Danny. When I first saw you, (Boy) You caught my eye by the way you flossed. I was playin fortnite, (Oh!) You distracted me and I almost lost. Now I'm like oof, chief. (Oof) I deadass think your a lit ass dude. 'Cause your so gucci. (Esketit) I deadass think your a fatass mood. I deadass think that your a sicko mode guy. (Bae) Lets grab my Juul and play Mo Bamba tonight. (Tonight) Your a skinny legend, I'm a thick bitch. (Thick bitch) Yeet, oof, wig, weave, gang gang, flex, yee yee, drip. (Lowkey) Chorus: Danny and Alli I really ship this. (Yas) This is really it sis, ask the chief. You snatched my wig, sis. (Bye) My squad is fam and my bae is queen. My wigs be shipped, sis. (UPS) It's on its way to the Philippines. C'mere now, sip this. This is really lit sis, that's the tea. This is really lit sis, that's the tea. Outro: Danny and Alli That's the tea. (Philippines) That's the tea. Oohhhh

    •l i a m••l i a m•21 päev tagasi
  • When you google the lyrics to this, and have to look up the definitions to half of the words, that is the moment that you realize that you are way behind on the slang of the generation. - Even if it is your generation.

    Harmony HibdonHarmony Hibdon21 päev tagasi
  • Danny Gonzalez is musical comedy genius.

    Carl TemplinCarl Templin22 päeva tagasi
  • Use you gf

    stephen milesstephen miles22 päeva tagasi
  • Ah, ok. Now I see why LBC just came by with a wig. Thanks, Drew.

    beet ricebeet rice22 päeva tagasi
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Ali fitz: rips drew gooden and kutis koners wigs off Me: dies

    Shaheen AhmedShaheen Ahmed22 päeva tagasi
  • If my dad heard me listening to this he'd go back in time and abort me.

    Aniston WilliamsAniston Williams22 päeva tagasi
  • Gen Zs be like:

    El Paisa Mexican FoodEl Paisa Mexican Food22 päeva tagasi
  • 0:24 drew lol

    Abhinav SunilAbhinav Sunil23 päeva tagasi
  • I can only really tell people apart by their hair, so this song messes with me.

    Comrade OgilvyComrade Ogilvy23 päeva tagasi
  • Drew and kurtis are the best extras

    Erin SheehanErin Sheehan23 päeva tagasi
  • “Chile 😳✨💅” -Sun Tzu, the art of war

    O- oO- o23 päeva tagasi
  • Bfdgwjsbjsbaa

    Rashida RazaRashida Raza23 päeva tagasi