Help Let Me Go

20 aug 2019
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Help, let me go
Produced by Mantra

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • thank you for this

    Steffany FeltonSteffany FeltonTund tagasi
  • he was just a dolpnin swimming in the sea with his dolpin friends happy as can be until one day he went aventred on the land and got bitin by a redioactiv man now hes dolpin man half dolpin half man hear him sceaching at night haha case he just wants a friend hill be quit a fright jesces if you ever run into him in the dark aboded house were he lives you know he may come of storg but hes not what you seems of you every run into you will bait you will scaerm like help let me go help let me go help let me go let me to night you will scream help let me go. did you read all of it let me now in the comments and

    Carrie McGuireCarrie McGuire2 tundi tagasi
  • Ayy 6.9 million views!

    TheBeef FlavouredCowTheBeef FlavouredCow4 tundi tagasi
  • I really want an instrumental

    Just _HansJust _Hans5 tundi tagasi
  • This slaps so hard. "help, let me go, help, let me go."

    Kylie WongKylie Wong6 tundi tagasi
  • Mako from brawlhalla be like:

    GodslayerGodslayer6 tundi tagasi
  • the video is at 6969628 views We're on the verge of greatness

    Anna SAnna S7 tundi tagasi
  • The editing tho.... A+

    RandomcatRandomcat9 tundi tagasi
  • Thought this was another collab since there's drew and Danny and another mystery Hawaiian man but wheres Drews credit? Little sus

    HinaHutHinaHut11 tundi tagasi
  • it would be quite a fright ʲᵉˢᵘˢ ᶜʰʳᶦˢᵗ

    HaeiFiveHaeiFive12 tundi tagasi
  • Bangs too hard

    cheese mancheese man14 tundi tagasi
  • Will dolphin man makes a come back?

    zérø thë prøtøgêñzérø thë prøtøgêñ15 tundi tagasi
  • He was just a pencil,but then he was bitten by a radioactive man so he became a radioactive pencil OooooOo He said help lemme go I wanna go write my essay he said help lemme go Oh Help! My mom's gonna disown me,when she finds out I have been, spending my last 30mins writing this song instead of doing my homework Oooo Help! I gotta run or my mum will kill me Oh help Oh help I'm gonna need some help tonigh Oo helppppppp

    Abdullah AminAbdullah Amin17 tundi tagasi
  • I like glasses Danny, he brings be joy

    Huckleberry HammerHuckleberry Hammer20 tundi tagasi
  • Anybody here from LordWhiteWolf💀

    JayNova22JayNova2223 tundi tagasi
    • Me Lol

      GabrielVGabrielV15 tundi tagasi
  • Two things One why does dolphin man look like he has duck or flex tape in his mouth Two why is this song so good

    Ninja YTNinja YTPäev tagasi
  • im here from lord white wolf

    Ryan SwanberryRyan SwanberryPäev tagasi
    • Same lmao

      EtrocyEtrocyPäev tagasi
  • I'm on my mom's phone and this is the best song I ever heard LOVE THIS SONG I will never get sick of it

    Dalia GonzalezDalia GonzalezPäev tagasi
  • Okay this is driving me insane but I know I've heard that instrumental from another song, does anyone know what song that is? Because anytime I try to remember the lyrics I just think of this version

    Firebird963Firebird963Päev tagasi
  • *help let me go by google translate* It's just a dolphin Swimming in the sea With your friends Maybe happiness For a day Challenge the world He ate it Male radioactive The dolphin man now Half a dolphin, half a man Listen to her scream at night Because they want a friend He is wonderful (Jesus Christ) They ran to him In a darkened house " They know they can come out strong But that should not be seen If they catch you He can play and you can cry what about "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "Let me go tonight" Shows screams "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "I surrender" She is the only woman He does not care about the world He also met some elders Looking for a girl he said "Help me go" So he jumped to work Then Lee is fine And Scarlett Johansson became his own And he cast them into the midst of the ass Varly, a public healer I don't know where Leah came from The letter said, "Peace again, a little contempt." The man saw the dolphin on TV He called her They made one of the best games in the world " And they saved the prince For foreign seeds It’s for all stories He shouted in the air what about "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "Let me go tonight" he said "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "I surrender" "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "Let me go tonight" he said "Help me go" "Help me go" "Help me go" "I surrender"

    Una MaeUna MaePäev tagasi
  • This was the first Danny Gonzales video I ever watched I was very confused

    5K with out any Videos5K with out any VideosPäev tagasi
  • Welcome back to quarantine day 1200, where I will now dance in front of a greenscreen singing about a bipedal dolphin

    phudphudPäev tagasi
  • 6.9 Million views coincidence i think not

    Larry the hover fishLarry the hover fishPäev tagasi

    MetroGamesMetroGames2 päeva tagasi
  • But the little dance in the chorus tho

    gold heart purple lovegold heart purple love2 päeva tagasi
  • We always put this on the car while cruising at least twice 😂😂🤘

    Sheaka EisaSheaka Eisa2 päeva tagasi
  • when does this video dont have 1 million likes?

    Carrie McGuireCarrie McGuire2 päeva tagasi
    • well ya your right that is a lot better

      Carrie McGuireCarrie McGuire2 tundi tagasi
    • I mean it has 6.9 million views thatd better than likes

      Larry the hover fishLarry the hover fishPäev tagasi
  • ha

    Carrie McGuireCarrie McGuire2 päeva tagasi
  • Well I say f*ck it I sing it in public

    Barbara GibbonsBarbara Gibbons2 päeva tagasi
  • This song is so sick. Honestly. Piece of art.

    LeviLevi2 päeva tagasi
  • No one: Kipo: DÒŁPHĪŃ MÁŃ

    StormyStormy2 päeva tagasi
  • Dolphin man was my favorite infinity war character

    TijaunaTijauna2 päeva tagasi
  • The amount of joy this video brings me is honestly overwhelming

    Lyssa PbLyssa Pb2 päeva tagasi
  • Let's hope he doesn't sign with UMG.

    Amtg23Amtg233 päeva tagasi
  • This dude's all songs are so dope

    Samiha RahmanSamiha Rahman3 päeva tagasi
  • commenting while this still has 6.9 million views

    GMDExcillionGMDExcillion3 päeva tagasi
    • can we celebrate when this gets 6,969,696 views

      GMDExcillionGMDExcillionPäev tagasi

    ductless_octagonductless_octagon3 päeva tagasi
  • I played this on my phone and tablet at the same time I don't regret it

    Willow KeayWillow Keay3 päeva tagasi
  • Why do I love this so much XD

    MoodyClxudsMoodyClxuds3 päeva tagasi
  • this video: *has 6.9 million views* "perfect, *CHEF'S KISS* "

    -malfoyswhxre-malfoyswhxre3 päeva tagasi
  • This song makes no sense and i still like it

    kachade ayakachade aya3 päeva tagasi
  • *Jotaro Kujo would like to know your location*

    ClemixClemix3 päeva tagasi
  • nice

    Lorenz SalvadorLorenz Salvador3 päeva tagasi
  • This is cool

    Nicholas AntonangeliNicholas Antonangeli3 päeva tagasi
  • He was just a dolphin, swimming in the sea, with his dolphin friendsssssss

    Fire Fly GamingFire Fly Gaming3 päeva tagasi
  • Ok I’ve made up my mind this is my favorite song

    Rebecca RamonRebecca Ramon3 päeva tagasi
  • His songs are better than most out right now

    I have no idea What my name isI have no idea What my name is4 päeva tagasi
  • please someone tell me what video prompted this song

    lunarlunnalunarlunna4 päeva tagasi
  • This is my alarm.

    Monster 13Monster 134 päeva tagasi
  • My favourite danny gonzalez song EVER

    ninjabois1ninjabois14 päeva tagasi
  • My music playlist is Japanese Rock Pop H E L P L E T M E G O Rap

    Thai ToanThai Toan4 päeva tagasi
  • this is like joji, he funny, but also good music

    Snishi52Snishi525 päeva tagasi
  • Danny's songs live rent free in my mind at 3 in the morning

    Jade The GemJade The Gem5 päeva tagasi
  • literally if you pause anywhere at "swimming in the sea with his" its a perfect looking image.

    OrchidOrchid5 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh this lokey fire

    CosmoCosmo5 päeva tagasi
  • Song is sick but danny got them moves

    NotSoGoodGamerLeColeZzNotSoGoodGamerLeColeZz5 päeva tagasi
  • This video feels like it should be a 4:3 aspect ratio

    Leaf FiniteLeaf Finite5 päeva tagasi
  • 1:47 The President was not the impostor

    Conner P VideosConner P Videos5 päeva tagasi
  • There's no explanation to why Varli hasn't used this yet. Might go get my vampire dad to go tell her.

    wakandawakanda5 päeva tagasi
  • 2020 anyone?

    Shiphrah Roshini ThomasShiphrah Roshini Thomas5 päeva tagasi
    • Yup

      Racket RakuunRacket Rakuun5 päeva tagasi
  • What if dolphin man and varli had a baby That be a wired hybrid

    firemastergamingfiremastergaming5 päeva tagasi
    • That would bw weird

      Racket RakuunRacket Rakuun5 päeva tagasi
  • Um what is this song

    Scott IrelanScott Irelan6 päeva tagasi
  • I would've left the president in space...

    Marshal 2099Marshal 20996 päeva tagasi
  • Wtf is this song

  • congrts on 6.9M views dann y

    Meki DoroMeki Doro6 päeva tagasi
  • I have officially found the greatest freeze frame known to man 0:11

    Joaquin BrzeskiJoaquin Brzeski6 päeva tagasi
  • Now he's DolPhInE Man ✨Häĺf doĺphïñ Hälf mæn✨

    Jess WalJess Wal6 päeva tagasi
  • I bet Troom Troom is listening to this from their pencil sharpeners.

    existing personexisting person7 päeva tagasi
  • Can I ask what’s the point

    Kayden godKayden god7 päeva tagasi
  • This style reminds me a lot of Skylar Spence (previously known as Saint Pepsi)! 😎😎🎶

    The Misplaced IdealistThe Misplaced Idealist7 päeva tagasi
  • I wish more people listened to Danny's music chase I always feel awkward singing it in public. But hey at least they're learning a new story

    Ouija BrotherOuija Brother7 päeva tagasi
  • I've reached the point where I've heard this so much when not paying attention it almost sounds like the chorus is saying "let me go help" whoever is in trouble. Help me please

    logiebear17ifylogiebear17ify7 päeva tagasi
  • I'm getting forced to like "stop making me happy"

    firemastergamingfiremastergaming7 päeva tagasi
  • Dumbest song you've ever made... but... I love it? ...someone explain

    J GirlJ Girl7 päeva tagasi
  • My mom: all dreams have a meaning! *M Y D R E A M S:*

    çhromeçhrome7 päeva tagasi
  • 1:48 - 1:51 . "Trump was not the imposter"

    Robby_noobRobby_noob7 päeva tagasi
  • Plot twist: Danny’s cry for help

    Goose mafia SpyGoose mafia Spy8 päeva tagasi
  • This song is seriously so catchy

    GamoochGamooch8 päeva tagasi

    Yeet MyGeetYeet MyGeet8 päeva tagasi
  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp Let me goooooooooooooooo

    Jo BJo B8 päeva tagasi
  • stop making bangers with absurdist content you are making my music taste worse cause i love it

    giles walsmithgiles walsmith8 päeva tagasi
  • No one : Ppl in 2020 chilling Me :HelP LEt Me gO

    Salma wSalma w8 päeva tagasi
  • ‘so she sprung into action and she looked right at a necklace and became Scarlett Johansson’ One of the most underrated lyrics of all time

    xo_tanvi_xoxo_tanvi_xo8 päeva tagasi
  • This has been stuck in my head all day but I couldnt remember who wrote it, what it was called or what it was about 😖 it took all day to find it

    Brandon_AvatarRokuBrandon_AvatarRoku8 päeva tagasi
  • at 1:49 "trump was The imposter"

    praveen vijaypraveen vijay8 päeva tagasi
  • dolphin man do kinda have that koichi pose ngl

    Lad LadLad Lad8 päeva tagasi
  • Why don't you guys just let him go

    DrewDrew8 päeva tagasi
  • this is a fucking BOP, prove me wrong

    BoopBoop8 päeva tagasi
  • I said to my friend that i have an imaginary girlfriend then he send this lmao

    Anthony 209Anthony 2099 päeva tagasi
  • This song is the cure for covid. Dont look it up.

  • Help. Let meEEeeee gooo

    R MR M9 päeva tagasi
  • Nice view count

    Jeff AJeff A9 päeva tagasi
  • I remember all those videos

    Preeti PrasathPreeti Prasath9 päeva tagasi
  • E

    Unfrosted Poptarts!Unfrosted Poptarts!9 päeva tagasi
    • Lmao sorry I just type e when I'm trying to see all my comments on a certain channel lol

      Unfrosted Poptarts!Unfrosted Poptarts!9 päeva tagasi
    • No no, they’ve got a point.

      Never gonna give you upNever gonna give you up9 päeva tagasi
  • I was singing this in the car lyric by lyric and my parents were Disappointed to say the least

    Biscuit PlushBiscuit Plush9 päeva tagasi
  • My teacher: 12 people died today also there's homework Me: *vibing to this song*

    frog dotcomfrog dotcom9 päeva tagasi
  • Friends: hey you have any song recommendations? Me: 😏😏😏

    Katie KatieKatie Katie9 päeva tagasi
  • This is what I vibe to at 2 in the morning

    StxrryNight GachaStxrryNight Gacha9 päeva tagasi
  • But why would you save trump? Especially from an alien race lol.

    Jaxon HuntJaxon Hunt10 päeva tagasi
  • Vibess

    fishyfishy10 päeva tagasi