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18 jaan 2019
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Collins Key is off the rails. It's utter nonsense.
Video Production: PattyCake Productions
Production Assistant: Olivia Roman
Slime Consultant: Jaimz Dillman
Producer: Matt Hogan
Producer/Director: Layne Styne and Tony Wakim
Danny Gonzalez - Boy
Anna Ricks - Girl
Charles Ross - Brushed Off Guy
Drew Gooden - co-host
Drew Gooden
Juliette Reath
Cassandra Ramirez
Duane Kole Clark
Colleen Broome
Spencer Robertson
Anthony Acosta
Alexandra Nieto
Maxwell Kain
Harmony Robertson
Michael Rudolph
Elizabeth Prows
Tyler Conrady
Justin Staggs
Savanna Gaines
Sabrina Wertman
Ron-John Ronquillo
Ezekiel Hopkins
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Outro song:

  • This made me laugh so hard I agree haha

    Jeff RosenJeff Rosen9 minutit tagasi
  • Where my #straightfacesquad at?

    ThatOneAwkwardGuyThatOneAwkwardGuy57 minutit tagasi
  • i used to watch these guys- my favorites were the pancake art videos because Devan actually has talent for art so it was kinda cool to see his fancy pancakes now they're just really annoying, but idk maybe devan is still okay?

    waffledinguswaffledingusTund tagasi
  • yo collins key is the dumbest peeson on earth putting food into slime doesnt make it edible

    not syon cheung lolnot syon cheung lol2 tundi tagasi
  • That unexpected mv at the end earned my like.

    T. WaitT. Wait4 tundi tagasi
  • I remember this one girl came in with Collins Key merch one day, and she got made fun of so much that she never wore it to school again after that day.

    Comrade CarterComrade Carter7 tundi tagasi
  • Wasn't Collins on America's got talent??? The magician who was pretty cool...and Normal??? What the hell happened?!?!?😂

    Jinius &JinHitEntertainmentJinius &JinHitEntertainment10 tundi tagasi
  • Never thought the days of Pewdiepie Would be simpler times...

    Nineteen NineNineteen Nine11 tundi tagasi

    HELLO THEREHELLO THERE12 tundi tagasi
  • nty-

    Araya AksornvitAraya Aksornvit15 tundi tagasi
  • OK um why isn't anyone talking bout that dope song at the end?

    *wheeze**wheeze*15 tundi tagasi
  • It’s funny how this song probably made in 10 minutes is better than half the songs on EEworld nice vid

    zaifozaifo17 tundi tagasi
  • He's got 22 mil subs so the joke is on us.

    Swasti TiwariSwasti Tiwari17 tundi tagasi
  • Remember when Collins Key was a magician on Got Talent?

    IguanIguan19 tundi tagasi
  • 12:35

    Eclipse YTEclipse YT19 tundi tagasi
  • Yah I was watching it when I was younger but they kind of suck

    Nikki CNikki C19 tundi tagasi
  • i used to watch them when they were friends with the merrell twins. i stopped watching when all of this shit started happened. i’m 19 so i was like wtf?? when did this turn into a kids channel. i thought devon was so hot and everything. boy was i wrong

    Bailey HBailey H22 tundi tagasi
  • Danny: this is the worst thing ever 2020: 👁👄👁 am I a joke to you?

    Jaiden SteelJaiden Steel22 tundi tagasi
  • Why did I laugh when he said screaming is funny

    The end glidersThe end gliders22 tundi tagasi
  • I mean I criticize this cancer for making no sense, but then remember that I watched shit like EEworld poop and smosh when I was younger.

    Kyle PickusKyle Pickus22 tundi tagasi
  • God, help us all -Subtitles 4:53

    Bread WatcherBread WatcherPäev tagasi
  • Not gonna lie... If we get our growth stunted from watching the video, wouldn't we get our growth stunted from watch this Danny video?

    Mman 5005Mman 5005Päev tagasi
  • I like then

    Carter UnruhCarter UnruhPäev tagasi
  • When you see colins videos think about the fact that he is a magician, and was on AGT, and got pretty far. This could have gotten a million dollars.

    h e hh e hPäev tagasi
  • I watched this when I was a kid and I am now short..

    RandomFandom 0001RandomFandom 0001Päev tagasi
  • I used to watch this 😳

    GuppyguyexeGuppyguyexePäev tagasi
  • I’m going to guess that these kids EEworldrs wear a disguise or at least a hood in public to avoid embarrassment

    Scott YScott YPäev tagasi
  • Dumbass played the kazoo backwards

    Sapphire SplashSapphire SplashPäev tagasi
  • y sister loves their videos...... she has 3 brain cells defiantly.

    Lydia MillsLydia MillsPäev tagasi
  • Okay but the song seriously bops

    Fern BoyerFern BoyerPäev tagasi
  • I'm sorry, but who is "Greg"?. I new here

    Yourmajesty127Yourmajesty127Päev tagasi
    • Check the description he explains it

      Mako ChanMako Chan9 tundi tagasi
  • i used to watch them so much and i loved them and like their content is still cool but now i realise how weird they are too. they did make good content and they entertained me a lot. i used to wheeze at them and they actually gave me a good mood. but some vids are really weird tho

    Annaaa ASMRAnnaaa ASMRPäev tagasi
  • i was watching this when i wwas 10,i dont remember it like that

    Gaming ForeverGaming ForeverPäev tagasi
  • Collins Key constantly talks about how to comment when he turns off the comments on all his videos

    Marlee SuarezMarlee SuarezPäev tagasi
  • Because *"Johnny Johnny yes papa"* is something adults can laugh to.

    No, none of itNo, none of itPäev tagasi
  • Ngl who else thought the song was start up fire

    RoruffRoruffPäev tagasi
  • I watched Collins Key when I was in my preteen years in 2017. Now... I legit forgot who they were for a whole ass year

    Anahi ZunigaAnahi ZunigaPäev tagasi
  • H

    BalognaBalognaPäev tagasi
  • Is this why I’m short- I watched them I don’t know why it was entertaining somehow

    *-Nemesis Chan-**-Nemesis Chan-*Päev tagasi
  • yo that music video is cool- is there sum wrong with me I-

    iimoon editsiimoon editsPäev tagasi
  • Devan is just being held hostage by his brother he seems normal

    CCPäev tagasi
  • Hi Danny and yes I’m having a Great Dane

    mobiusspmobiussp2 päeva tagasi
  • I watched them once when I wanted to commit death

    Jacob WeisskirchenJacob Weisskirchen2 päeva tagasi
  • 12:51 Is that vlog creations?

    MB4MB42 päeva tagasi
  • watch lazarbeam

    percy williamspercy williams2 päeva tagasi
  • Well I'm 3 years late for this trend

    Dont worry I was an accident tooDont worry I was an accident too2 päeva tagasi
  • okay he used to be really fun to watch and then fame hit him

    we stan cimorelliwe stan cimorelli2 päeva tagasi

    I don’t know Why I’m hereI don’t know Why I’m here2 päeva tagasi
  • the slime completley misesed his chest

    zoodle doodlezoodle doodle2 päeva tagasi
  • Ya I watch Collins key

    H JohnsonH Johnson2 päeva tagasi
  • at 7:34 why did the text change languages

    Lavender LazoriseLavender Lazorise2 päeva tagasi
  • When he said random I thought of pinof. What if Danny reacts to pinof?

    PhanderWasTakenPhanderWasTaken2 päeva tagasi
  • Collins Key looks like that guy from Community

    PhanderWasTakenPhanderWasTaken2 päeva tagasi
  • I rewatch this again lol

    Kelly NKelly N2 päeva tagasi
  • I used to watch collins when he used to be a lot more calmer and they had a different background( I think they moved) and i can actually confirm the fact that devin puts a lot of effort into what they are doing and collins just jokes around all the time. It used to annoy me so much that i stopped watching. Im glad I stopped though because his voice is giving me a headache also Key is actually his last name

    Book GirlBook Girl2 päeva tagasi
  • my favorite danny video

    Cece MeddockCece Meddock2 päeva tagasi
  • i was used to watch them i love their pancake art video until it turned into that

    Anthony 209Anthony 2092 päeva tagasi
  • *They have 8m views* Me: scrolls down Also me: 9m views for u bruh

    Bettina Louise PinedaBettina Louise Pineda2 päeva tagasi
  • Me when my mom tells me to go introduce myself to the cute girl at a party: 2:30

    I_Am_Sandwich2I_Am_Sandwich22 päeva tagasi
  • Damn that song fire tho

    Sara Doing StuffSara Doing Stuff2 päeva tagasi
  • ah yes, the three genders: slime king, slime queen, and do it for the slime

    Kael KeyKael Key2 päeva tagasi

    R & E DrawingR & E Drawing2 päeva tagasi
  • I used to love his vids but now I watch yours, theodd1sout’s, and film theory vids

    Goovin and MuloGoovin and Mulo2 päeva tagasi
    • I used to watch Collins now I think he’s insane

      Goovin and MuloGoovin and Mulo2 päeva tagasi
    • Ok

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • You should react to unspecable my little brother used to wach him.

    Crazy kidCrazy kid3 päeva tagasi
  • Anyone else watching this in 2015

    Caidyn StewartCaidyn Stewart3 päeva tagasi
    • Nah I’m watching in in 1985

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • I always thought that channel was wired I am kinda glad someone finally talked about collins

    xXToy AshXxxXToy AshXx3 päeva tagasi
  • i watched collins when he did magic tricks... idk what happened to him😭😭😭

    sadesade3 päeva tagasi
  • 6:52 sounds like a bunch of chickens

    Lynne EversdijkLynne Eversdijk3 päeva tagasi
  • Devin never ever yells that much

    Jordan gaming cuckoo cuckooJordan gaming cuckoo cuckoo3 päeva tagasi
  • I was never subscribed to you that's a good choice

    Jordan gaming cuckoo cuckooJordan gaming cuckoo cuckoo3 päeva tagasi
  • Yelling what makes it funny

    Jordan gaming cuckoo cuckooJordan gaming cuckoo cuckoo3 päeva tagasi
  • Idk why but the words “ *Giant ass ad* ” Is funny to me

    Lil' WoofersLil' Woofers3 päeva tagasi

    Harmony HintonHarmony Hinton3 päeva tagasi
  • I think Devan has actual talent unlike his brother and he's wasting it on pancake art and slime.He draws SOOO good so it's talent wasted..

    Nick AzureNick Azure3 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • Mom:what are you watching? Kid:yelling humans making slime

    laura kellerlaura keller3 päeva tagasi
  • I remember when Collins was good ☹️

    Ice cold blue SonicIce cold blue Sonic3 päeva tagasi
    • When? When the fuck was Collins good?

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • What would you do if colins key sees this video i think you will be scared becuss you where scared in the begin

    kachade ayakachade aya3 päeva tagasi
  • I feel bad for Devon

    Claire RoakeClaire Roake3 päeva tagasi
  • didn't he used to be a magician. what happened

    Gabrielle DaumGabrielle Daum3 päeva tagasi
    • He was also like in the finals of America's got talent

      Sophie ConwaySophie Conway3 päeva tagasi
  • Do you think where ever they get their supplies from the place just like knows what they're buying. Just like every week 20 cans of shaving cream, 15 bottles of white glue, 15 bottles of colored glue and just mass amounts of things to make slime with. Also the song is dope and I listen to it too much

    -Black and Blue --Black and Blue -3 päeva tagasi
  • did anyone else noticed the drew cameo at 13:06?

    Cup of SwingCup of Swing3 päeva tagasi
  • Danny said the three genders are king, queen, and do it for the

    Darcy KlimDarcy Klim3 päeva tagasi
  • My brain trying to figure out what is happening in their video: WUT? **Slow Loading Noises**

    Dumbass RatDumbass Rat3 päeva tagasi
  • 13:17 *DREW*

    RSMORSMO4 päeva tagasi
  • Selfish

    MarionnetteMarionnette4 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah definitely

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • 1:41 - 1:43 “they’re just in the kitchen fucking” -Danny Gonzalez

    ZachoZacho4 päeva tagasi
  • Rebca has a good voice but she used it for slime

    Poope GansterPoope Ganster4 päeva tagasi
  • Slimecicle would be proud of the song.

    Blood ThornBlood Thorn4 päeva tagasi
  • .

    I dont know my nameI dont know my name4 päeva tagasi
  • idk whyyy

    ava zentveldava zentveld4 päeva tagasi
  • #savedevan I think he is being held captive

    BubblePopYTBubblePopYT4 päeva tagasi
    • Worse then that. Its fucking war crimes.

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • Do preston , if you think they plug their merch a lot well you haven’t seen PRESTON

    Brain EmeraldBrain Emerald4 päeva tagasi
  • Ok but the fact that I used to watch Collins videos when I was younger and now have metal problems along with being 4" something. Danny really predicted the future 💀🤚

    • Damn

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • Make a video on lankybox they’re so cringe and loud like colins key

    Dr.XsOOneonDr.XsOOneon4 päeva tagasi
  • I used to watch them In 4th grade there content used to be ok now it’s just utter nonsense. And poor devan. You just know he hates Collins like Collins is like 26

    Ruby BowditchRuby Bowditch4 päeva tagasi
  • Drew looks so annoyed

    Visions And lightsVisions And lights4 päeva tagasi
  • You know, I like Danny Gonzales and the community that watches him because I feel like they’re the only people on EEworld that actually have a sensible state of mind

    Grape PantaGrape Panta4 päeva tagasi
    • Yeah same.

      smalls____smalls____2 päeva tagasi
  • This slime song is one of my Top favorites that you’ve ever done. The quality and delivery is also superb👏

    Natalie PutnamNatalie Putnam4 päeva tagasi
  • Slime is my immortal enemy whenever I used to use it would always stick to me and never leave my hands, until I washed it off

    LoyalLoyal4 päeva tagasi
  • The reason that standing far apart is because they’re prepping for Covid

    Wolfishdash 321Wolfishdash 3214 päeva tagasi